The Only Wars

The shocked look upon Giant’s face told Emil that something was wrong. The plasmagun still crackled in Emil’s hands. The echos of gun fire, were overwhelmed by the squawks and cries of the swarm of small flying xenos erupting from the foliage. Swiftly Emil trained his weapon upon the swarm. Thousands of small winged creatures flew into the sky and scattered away.

After a couple moments of extreme commotion and noise, the air became silent. Only the lapping of the waves, and popping of the large xenos’s skin bubbling from the super charged plasma could be heard.

Flashing before Emil’s mind is the horrible vision of the creature. It must have been taller then any member of the squad. It’s four hooven legs drove it from the forest cover in a flurry. A pair of large antlers protruded out from it’s skull. Beady black eyes showing hate and blood lust. The creature could have killed any one of us, had it not made its fatal mistake.

After erupting from the forest, the creature paused as if to rear up in challenge. Growing up on Cicatrius IV and living and fighting with the native Tyranid forces, taught Emil to quickly react. Those from the Prima Decima knew what to do. Plasma and las fire made short work of the beast. Whose burning corpse now lay some 20 yards away.

The Genos in our party looked at each other in horror. They obviously had never encounter beasts like xenos before in their line of duty. “Well done men, one more xenos threat removed. Stay on your toes there could be more of the brood in the forest.” Commanded Lt.

Breaking out of his horrified trance, Giant spoke up. “By the Emperor, it was just a damn deer!”



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