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The Prima Decima was brought together as the first regimental tithe to the Imperium. The core of the troops came from veteran PDF soldiers who were trained on the battlefield of their home planet Cicatrius IV.

The Tyranid have returned to claim their once lost world. Starved and ravenous, these Tyranids are abhorrently lithe and vicious. Their chitin glints as though coated by a thin membrane. The fighting men and women of Cicatrius IV have fought the Tyranid through out their lives.

The once half consumed Terran class world still has its scars of the Great Devourer. A village assaulted by a roving Lictor or a gaunt brood assaulting guard posts and caravans. Still these new Tyranids are far different. There is something, unnerving about these new beasts.

Main Page

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