The Cicatrius system lies within the Ultima Segmentum, East of Holy Terra. The single class B blue star burns bright hot the core of the system. Fleet sensors can short circuit if not shielded properly or if the ship wanders too close to this brilliant star. The entire system is a wash in a blue glow, Vac Suits are equipped with specialized sun protection shielding the user from the brilliance.

Notable features of Cicatrius’ solar system.

The young star did not consume the full amount of mass surrounding it when it finally ignited. Leaving behind a massive field of particles and asteroids. Ships are warned to stay away from this field and the dangers held within it.

Skimming along the outer edge of the particle field is a battered planetoid devoid of life. Lacking any atmosphere the surface is awash with powder. There is no tactical purpose for this planet and no attempts at colonization have been attempted.

Larger then Cicatrius II, but still not a sizeable body, Cicatrius III is a molten death trap. With a heavy atmosphere trapping in the heat of local star Cicatrius III can average 600K (326.85*C or 620.33*F during the heat of the day. And dropping to an average of -200K at night. This planet is similar to the celestial body Venus sister planet of Holy Terra.


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