While he is just shy of 6ft tall he is on the lean side for his height. He is tan in complexion with trimmed black hair, a thin beard, and slight mustache.


Born and raised in a blue collar family. Emil was raised in a large boarding house. Nightly dinner were served in the main eating hall of the main floor. After a somber prayer to the Lord Emperor the room would rise up with joyous laughter and voices as people discussed their days and beliefs. It was a simple time.

The boarding house was set in the middle of a long string of residential habs along the southern boarder of the factory city. His Father, brothers, grandfathers, neighbors, and school mates all worked at the local promethium refinement facility. While their jobs varied and several moved off station, the factory was the center point of the town.

The men and children of the habs would done their workmen’s suit and uniforms and walk en masse to their destinations. While kids would split off and head into school, the men would continue on to the factory.

The war was elsewhere, and was only finally brought home when Emil got his draft notice. Several of his friends had received their notices too, however he was stationed elsewhere. With tearful goodbyes Emil left the tranquility of a simple workman’s life to join the guardsmen.

Growing up in such a gregarious environment, allowed him to make quick friends in the guardsmen. Eventually proving himself worthy to be a weapon specialist, and shown to be very skilled with promethium based weaponry. During his travels he had met up with Constantine, while the Techpriest was a bit of a recluse, he was rarely unpleasant.


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