Ash.... dont worry about it...

A large dark skinned man who seems to always be looking over his shoulder.


WHAT THE FRACK YOU MEANTHE GUARD” IS WHERE I BELONG!" Ash yells at a small uniformed man behind a desk. “Mother fracker I told you I enlisted to into bookkeeping, see it says so right fracking there!” he pulls a paper out of his pocket slams it on the desk and with a meaty finger at a squiggly line on the paper. “I was told my place with in the registers office, and unless I have to defend paper shredders and officer supplies with that fracking cannon you guys made a huge mistake!” Ash takes a deep breath trying to calm himself.

“Trooper Ashara, it states here that while your academic score’s show that you are in the top 10% of cadets; however, your scores in the combat field seem to be a record high” the small man said threw a very fake smile. " You should be proud very few people score so well in both." the small man gets up from the table but if you will give me a moment i will see what i can do" “If you will please have a seat ill talk with my CO and see what I can do to help.”

“About time I got some respect in this motha—-” Ash stops suddenly looking as a tall woman in a Commissar uniform walks into the room. " Trooper Ashara I understand there has been a mistake, and you have been places in the job to serve our beloved lord Emperor." She smiles a flirty smile turning her back to him coyly. " If you would please follow me, we can remedy the problem post haste" she says walk threw the door Ash following close behind her. The woman stops suddenly while they are reach the parade grounds full of newly mustard troops going about their work. She spins on Ash shoving a bolt pistol under Ash’s massive chin.

THE GOD EMPEROR MAKES NOT MISTAKES SLUG!” she yells drawing the attention of everyone in the area, “BE YOU TROOPER, BE YOU CONSCRIPT, OFFICER OR WHORE! YOU WILL DO HIS BIDDING OR YOU WILL FACE ME!” She cocks the fire arm it s a load clank. “Do we understand each other cupcake?” she states smiling sweetly. “Yes sir…” Ash says quietly. “Good, but seeing as how you scored so highly on your training I think i will put you in my unit. Be ready in ten we are going for training with the local PDF forces, and I want to keep you close.” As the Officer walks away Ash mutters under his breath " Just my fething luck, I am too pretty for this shit"

Ash.... dont worry about it...

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