The Only Wars


This should end it...right?

After securing the planetary capital, the soldiers of the 1st Donitus mount up for a final counter-attack. With the bulk of the forces heading to destroy a new xenos structure that made planetfall, a small detachment left with a mysterious Inquisitor to meet with the leader of this new force. The Inquisitor and his team narrowly avoided destruction at the hands of some strange xenos vehicle. The rest of the 1st, tasked with destroying this mysterious structure, set upon the invaders. Their overconfidence would prove to be their downfall. A small squad was volunteered to actually destroy the gate. While they were successful, the vast majority of the troops sent did not return. The cost was so high, that the remnants of the first founding of the regiment of Donitus is to be absorbed into another regiment. The surviving veterans are not many, but they are proud, knowing that they saved their homeworld from certain destruction.



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